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This is that episode where Totodile was trying to impress Marill, isn’t it? And Brock was trying to help Totodile. Lol

This is that episode where Totodile was trying to impress Marill, isn’t it? And Brock was trying to help Totodile. Lol

I don’t quite know what’s going on hereWait OHI’m dumb sometimesTHIS IS SO COOL seriously

I don’t quite know what’s going on here
Wait OH
I’m dumb sometimes
THIS IS SO COOL seriously

D’AWWWWWWWWSeriously this is so adorable how could I NOT reblog it?

Seriously this is so adorable how could I NOT reblog it?




Paint primary colors on fan wings


PINK IS NOT A PRIMARY COLOR.Still looks awesome though.




Paint primary colors on fan wings


Still looks awesome though.

Marijuana argument on Omegle (Sep. 2 2011)

You’re now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:

Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Why or why not?

Stranger 1: Yes.

Stranger 2: No, because smokers are fuckwits, and so are druggies.

Stranger 1: But there would be less crime.

Stranger 2: In a sense, because dealing would be legal but its stupid non the less.

Stranger 1: But the government could exploit the hell out of that shit

Stranger 1: and make bank

Stranger 2: Unproductive fucks sitting around with the munchies fucknig up society.

Stranger 1: if they would be unproductive then, aren’t they already unproductive?

Stranger 2: Yes but access to these substances although easy, made easier would increase the number of users right?

Stranger 2: Also it just unhealthy

Stranger 1: tobacco and alcohol are already legal and our culture detests its overuse

Stranger 1: I think its safe to say our views would carry over

Stranger 2: tabacco i agree yes its shit, but alcohol is fine, it just requires education before use.

Stranger 2: Dope is a bit more serious than alcohol and tabacco also

Stranger 1: there have been no deaths do marijuana overdose

Stranger 2: but there would be people changed due to the lasting psychological affects, and other adverse affects, also users are more likely to go on to make other detremental life choices so i be to differ

Stranger 1: but wont those people already use them already?

Stranger 1: Portugal has recently legalized all drugs and drug use has actually fallen

Stranger 2: An example of how you can use the idea of people wanting what they cant have to combat drug use

Stranger 2: but still

Stranger 2: do you agree that legal drugs are more frequently used

Stranger 1: Such as?

Stranger 2: tabacco and alcohol, lets say dope is legalised, wouldnt people be inclined to use dope as much as these other legal drugs

Stranger 1: Well, druggies will be druggies no matter what

Stranger 2: and other legal drugs users may be inclines to try harder drugs and suffer the consequinces

Stranger 2: so you could be making drugies out of normal youths or other suseptble people

Stranger 1: theyll be inclined whether they’re legal or not

Stranger 2: i think not

Stranger 1: why not?

Stranger 2: its obvious, like i said earlier the moment you have legal drugs advertised their usage will be more wide spread, imagine dope adds on tv, along with adds for beer, or banners or whatever, exposing people to a product, advertisers would findd a way of getting people to want their products thus increasing use

Stranger 2: legal drug are in higher use already

Stranger 2: plain to see

Stranger 1: But I mean it’s clear what those things will do to you. Why would you risk it?

Stranger 2: Not knowing.

Stranger 1: What do you mean?

Stranger 2: If you didn’t know that dope, affected you’re brain not just temporarily, and assumed it was no worse then alcohol or ciggies like most people you wouldn’t see risk just a recreational experience

Stranger 1: Not knowing what you put into your body is not an excuse to blame the drug, or even the ad companies, it’s your own fault

Stranger 1: That’s like a fat person going into mcdonalds and saying that they caused them to become obese, it’s just not logical

Stranger 2: Thats the reason its ilegal.

Stranger 2: Its harmful.

Stranger 1: So is alcohol, smoking, and legal prescription drugs

Stranger 2: Keep pharmaceuticals out of this by the way, and if that is your argument that other things are also unhealthy and dangerous and its your fault to get harmed by them, why not make every dangerous activity legal, no speed limits, explosive weapons, etc, i know they are extreme examples but its esentially the same just on a smaller scale

Stranger 1: That fact is, why would you endanger yourself in the first place? You can’t blame anyone for getting lung cancer if you’ve been chain smoking for 30 years but yourself. It is you who consciously decided to put those harmful chemicals into your body. Naivety or not, it’s stupid.

Stranger 2: Indeed you cant, but look at this, smoking kills it is legal thus people know the risks and take them and die, its their fault, speeding kills it is ilegal and policed and as a result less people die. Dope causes problems, it is ilegal and policed thus less people suffer from it even though it would be their fault.

Stranger 1: Speeding kills because it endangers the lives of others, whereas drugs are used by one person who willingly discards the risks.

Stranger 1: whoops

Stranger 1: *is illegal

Stranger 2: scaled down it is an problem akin to speeding, it will affect the person less than speeding, and affect others less in the process. But it is still negative over all…

Stranger 1: But the thing is, its that one person deciding on their own life, speeding/wreckless driving is different because that decision will affect others

Stranger 2: Not all would smoke dope on there own, maybe in the presence of others, then they are exposed to it, how do you think people get into it in the first place, the influence of others, they don’t wake up one day and think hmmm I’m going to try dope today, no they see there peers and are influenced.

Stranger 1: That may be true, but regardless, there is always a choice when it comes to peer pressure. However there is no choice when it comes to a car careening 90 mph head on.

Stranger 2: Makes no difference others are harmed so it has been made illegal, as has marijuana.

Stranger 1: It has been shown that nicotine is far more addicting than marijauna. And Alcohol is even more deadly compared to it. So why aren’t they illegal?

Stranger 2: You can’t make them illegal now that they have become so prevalent. Tobacco and marijuana are always detrimental, alcohol is healyth when consumed in moderate amounts. But still, its impossible to remove these dangerous mainstream activities, as it would be to make no road car that can exceed 100km/hr.

Stranger 2: Acohol is two sided coin.

Stranger 2: Marijuana is negative always.

Stranger 1: Why?

Stranger 1: It’s not addictive, and it has a 0% chance of death.

Stranger 1: However, Alcohol can be very addictive, and very deadly

Stranger 2: Don’t say it isn’t addictive, a friend of mine struggled to stop using, she needed counceling to get off it.

Stranger 2: And alcohol isn’t really that addictive, i drink, and if you stopped me bying drinks i woudnt crave

Stranger 1: THC, the main component of weed that makes you high, has not been found to cause addiction

Stranger 1: And excuse me? Are you saying AA and similar support groups don’t exist?

Stranger 2: No, you can become addicted, if you have an addictive nature.

Stranger 2: Yes THC isn’t addictive, I know that, but truth is Marijuana isn’t pure thc is it?

Stranger 1: If you lace it with things, then it’s not.

Stranger 2: Explain, I’m not sure what you mean.

Stranger 1: Like you can sprinkle the bag with pcp or other shit

Stranger 2: Still, that doesn,t really count its a pharmaceutical product.

Stranger 2: They exist for a the pupose of aiding the ill

Stranger 1: THC has been shown to aid suffers with glaucoma or Multiple Sclerosis

Stranger 2: Anyway off topic, Marijuana isn’t THC, but a herb countaining it and you can say that a particular snake venem contain a healing agent cant you

Stranger 1: It’s the main “getting high” chemical

Stranger 1: Alcohol isnt pure alcohol, it’s usually heavily diluted

Stranger 2: And?

Stranger 1: So what’s your point?

Stranger 2: Are you saying malts or other things found in alcoholic drinks are harmful?

Stranger 1: What do you mean?

Stranger 1: Alcohols are diluted with water and flavorings

Stranger 2: Well Marijuana contains THC, but other chemicals that alter the brain and the resultant tar and burned chemicals etc, Drinks contain acohol, but the other ingredient aren’t harmful unless your worried RTDs being bad for you teeth…

Stranger 1: Inhaling smoke of any form isn’t good for you.

Stranger 2: But not all forms of smoke alter your brain, and there are not alcoholics drinks that are unhealthy in apropriate amounts, assuming there not RTDs or pretty much soft drinks with alcohol in which case a few E numbers won’t exactly alter your personality.

Stranger 2: no alcoholic drinks*

Stranger 2: can’t spell

Stranger 1: You can become physically dependent on alcohol, making you have withdrawals when you don’t have enough.

Stranger 1: Since you can’t be addicted too Marijuana, dependence and withdrawals do not exist

Stranger 2: Actually as i explained earlier there are withdrawals, In the case of my friend struggling to quit remember?

Stranger 1: Struggling to quit and a physical dependence are two totally different things

Stranger 2: And if you want to talk brain receptors, alcohol, nicotine, most depressants and stimulants such as caffeine and even some salts build up brain receptors when consumed and could cause some dependency.

Stranger 1: Let me show you something

Stranger 2: go on

Stranger 1:

Stranger 2: will look

Stranger 2: wait while i look

Stranger 1: k

Stranger 2: Your point being, I agreed to alcohols+smokings dependency and harmfulness. But Marijuana is still on the graph its still a problem. You can’t get rid of smoking or drinking, but you can prevent marijuana from becoming a problem too, that is why going back to the original question to discuss, i say I believe that dope should not be legalized, don’t try and make this about how dangerous other drugs are in comparison or change the subject matter. I think it should stay illegal.

Stranger 1: But because there is less physical harm with the use of ‘dope’ compared to those already legal drugs, it is for that reason that it should become legal.

Stranger 1: It doesn’t make sense to have something has lesser effects to be illegal over things that are potentially dangerous

Stranger 2: And add to the problems, flawed logic if you ask me, like I said earlier, why not make LSD legal it seemed pretty “harmless” in comparison to” to alcohol and tobacco.

Stranger 1: Why not?

Stranger 1: I don’t see a problem with it

Stranger 2: What about methylphenidate that to?

Stranger 1: Just because it “affects” you brain it should be illegal?

Stranger 2: Why not it’s not as bad as shooting yourself is it.

Stranger 1: Does that make any sense? Everything in this world affects your brain.

Stranger 2: Only if you let it.

Stranger 1: Exactly.

Stranger 1: It is up to you whether or not you want to harm yourself.

Stranger 1: With it being illegal only causes more problems than there should already be.

Stranger 2: But by taking away that choice or at least making on option more difficult we can lesson the damage done, that what laws are for.

Stranger 1: Do you think drug cartels care about your precious “laws” or “legality”?

Stranger 2: No do you think you consumers care about laws and legality, yes.

Stranger 1: If you make it legal, people can be free to do whatever they want at their own expense, and not have to deal with dangerous middlemen

Stranger 1: Laws and legality? If people cared so much about it, it wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

Stranger 2: You’re not making sense, if people cared about the law then drugs wouldn’t be a problem?

Stranger 1: According to you, “consumers care about laws and legality.”

Stranger 2: Indeed

Stranger 1: However, those same consumers are illegally doing drugs.

Stranger 2: And those same would be consumer have restricted access. Again proving my point.

Stranger 1: What?

Stranger 2: And like you said druggies will allways be drugies

Stranger 1: People who want to do weed will do so whether it is illegal or not.

Stranger 1: Restricted acces my ass

Stranger 1: Would it be really that hard for you to go out and find some weed right now?

Stranger 2: And people who are inclined to, are likely to decide against for it is ilegal…

Stranger 2: No it would not, but, do I wan’t to risk a criminal record? No, no I do not.

Stranger 2: i8

Stranger 2: i*

Stranger 1: But what about those “criminals” who just want to buy some weed? Do you really want your tax dollars going to waste to penalize something that could just be legal?

Stranger 1: Think of how much money the government could make by regulating and distributing it.

Stranger 2: Yes, to maintain some order, and to prevent harm, like said many times earlier on it affects other.

Stranger 1: Prevent harm? As I’ve shown it does no harm.

Stranger 2: Think about how much money the government could save if it did nothing at all…

Stranger 1: That wouldn’t be a government lol

Stranger 2: No as you’ve said it is less harmful than drugs that are legal,

Stranger 2: but they cannot be removed and nvever will that change

Stranger 2: but what can be changed is this issue

Stranger 2: as it has not yet become legal

Stranger 2: and i doubt it ever will

Stranger 1: it has become legal for medicinal purposes

Stranger 2: Yes, does everyone have need of it

Stranger 1: And it some cities it is also legal

Stranger 1: Berkeley, California is a place where the police have declared it noncriminal to posess it

Stranger 2: Like I said leave pharmaceuticals out off this the are for aiding ill we are talking about recreation, don’t change the subject.

Stranger 1: I’m not changing the subject

Stranger 1: Like you said, tobacco and alcohol cannot be removed

Stranger 1: well, neither can drugs

Stranger 1: any of them

Stranger 1: Do you know how much bloodshed is created on rival drug smuggling gangs?

Stranger 1: If dope was legal none of that would even be feasible

Stranger 2: Yes you are, there is a difference between taking say kodine (not sure if thats the spelling) and it making you constipated, and taking marijuana and is damaging your brain, because with the kodine your relieving pain, marijuana used recreationally REGREATIONALLY just harmes, and besides, dope being used for medicine, fucking stupid if you ask me.

Stranger 1: it does not “harm” your brain

Stranger 1: there is no evidence to support that claim buddy

Stranger 2: Drug smuggling and gangs, hurts criminals i think you will find, and in that case, who cares.

Stranger 1: So then why would you care about drug users?

Stranger 2: Potential drug users, and drug users can be weened off.

Stranger 2: Like my friend.

Stranger 1: And criminals can be “rehabilitated”

Stranger 1: If you’re going to do harm to yourself, that is your decision

Stranger 2: Exactly…

Stranger 1: So why should your decision be deemed illegal and criminalized?

Stranger 1: it does not harm other people

Stranger 2: So why not restrict that decision as i have said many times befor.

Stranger 1: Because that is not the government’s perrogative

Stranger 1: Would you let the government choose what food you can eat?

Stranger 1: No, that’s ridiculous.

Stranger 2: It harms individuals and affects there peers it is harmful.

Stranger 1: Fatty food can kill you.

Stranger 2: Fat is a nutrient

Stranger 2: you don’t need highs

Stranger 2: you do need food

Stranger 2: now saying you need recreational drugs is ridiculous

Stranger 1: High cholesterol and blood pressure are by products of a bad diet

Stranger 1: Do you need to overeat to the point where you’re obese?

Stranger 1: no.

Stranger 1: Is that a physical necesity?

Stranger 2: Do you need the presense of food in society, yes, I can’t actually believe your using this to argue with.

Stranger 2: do you need recreational drugs in presense no

Stranger 1: You do not need to be monitored on your personal choice, nor should the government make any choice for you, is what I’m saying

Stranger 1: And that can be applied for everything

Stranger 1: And you can’t claim “ignorance” because that is your own personal fault

Stranger 1: Is it weed’s fault you got high?

Stranger 1: No.

Stranger 1: It’s your own.

Stranger 2: People can do some stupid things, and some will need monitoring, because they may harm others.

Stranger 2: An innocents should not suffer for others

Stranger 1: Everyone can potentially harm everyone. Does everyone need to be “monitored”?

Stranger 1: That’s fucking ridiculous

Stranger 1: Innocents?

Stranger 1: Since when does smoking weed harm others, let alone yourself?

Stranger 2: If they are lawbreaking yes, there is a reason it is ilegal, it’s harming directly and indirectly to other people.

Stranger 2: Since always, I stated so many times.

Stranger 2: Peer presure, altered personality etc

Stranger 1: Peer pressure?

Stranger 1: There are suicide pacts, pregnancy pacts, the list goes on.

Stranger 1: Should those people be not permitted or “monitored” from speaking to those people ever again?

Stranger 1: That’s insane

Stranger 1: And altered personality?

Stranger 1: You’ve got to be kidding.

Stranger 2: go on

Stranger 1: One’s own fluctuating hormones can cause a change in brain chemistry, and therefore personality

Stranger 1: You gonna monitor that, too?

Stranger 2: Any other off topic things you’d like to add befor I reply

Stranger 2: ?

Stranger 1: You wanna stick to not using ad hominems and strawmen?

Stranger 2: Can I talk now?

Stranger 1: Go ahead

Stranger 2: Dangerous things that people do come in many forms, some of them have been deemed unnecessary and been made illegal. You’re trying to tell me that a law should be change based on the fact that other things that are legal are more dangerous or harmful so how much would one more harmful thing hurt? Stupid logic, its harmful and unnecessary. Oh and if someone does this its their fault etc, you it’s also someones fault for hurting themselves speeding and other such things, but other ARE affected. And monitoring is beneficial, WHERE NEEDED, not so over exaggerated as you’d like to make out that I’m trying to suggest.

Stranger 1: The bottom line is that it is nothing more that a recreational item. And like other RECREATIONAL items, such as drinking, they are all fine in moderation. And also, it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to not cause physical dependence, nor physical alterations in brain activity. Like you said, you had ‘your friend’ who was addicted, but does she count for every single person? No. And by saying it’s already a law and should be respected as such, is bullshit logic. The world is changing, and our laws and policies must change with it.

Stranger 2: Your graph evidence, showed there was a dependency on Marijuana, laws and policies may be changing but common sense will remain common sense.

Stranger 2: Also I think if it is a law that has stood up to numerous attempts to change it, then it should be respected as such.

Stranger 1: Like I have said earlier, Marijuana has not been documented as responsible for taking a single life. Not one.

Stranger 1: Oh, so you think slavery should still be in service? What about a ban in interracial marriage?

Stranger 2: Off topic again are we, this isn’t 100 years ago.

Stranger 1: -_-;

Stranger 1: The point is you can’t simply take an idea how it is just because it has been established for a period of time already.

Stranger 1: it’s not logical

Stranger 2: Neither is wanting to induce a bit more harm, because, hey, enough harm is being done.

Stranger 1: Harm? There is no harm. As I’ve shown.

Stranger 1: All you have is anecdotal evidence, which cannot be proven.

Stranger 2: The is a physical harm axis on your graph to, Marijuana is on that graph…

Stranger 2: Your own evidence how about that?

Stranger 1: And also that wording doesn’t even make sense.

Stranger 1: “inducing” harm? Are you going to force people to smoke?

Stranger 2: would you like me to explain?

Stranger 1: Not really

Stranger 1: There have been ZERO deaths from marijuana, is that harmful?

Stranger 2: Do you understand though there is harm done, your own evidence says so, and your telling me there is no harm.

Stranger 2: There is a harm scale didnt you no, its not just peachy then instant death you know there is a scale, like your graph shows.

Stranger 1: There have been more deaths due to overdrinking water than there have with marijuana

Stranger 2: I don’t care, there still damage done, and I’d like that prevented…

Stranger 1: Then ban everything that is potentially dangerous

Stranger 2: No, it not always feasible. But in this case, the cons out way the pros when it comes to it being legal.

Stranger 1: Not really

Stranger 2: Lessened harm weighed against increased harm, not really hard to see which is the most harmful is it?

Stranger 1: What?

Stranger 1: You’re assuming that by making it legal everyone will want to start smoking weed?

Stranger 2: No I didn’t say that I spoke about access…

Stranger 1: So what if it’s accessible?

Stranger 2: Then there is increased exposure

Stranger 2: and increased harm

Stranger 2: as a result

Stranger 1: And how will they be harmed?

Stranger 2: Smoke, altered brains, and dependency on an unnecessary drug.

Stranger 1: From what, smoking it? How are you certain there will be an increase in using? What evidence do you have to support your claim?

Stranger 2: You don’t listen, if its legal its a product, advertisers advertise funnily enough, and influencing will occur. Oh but then it the consumers fault right, YES thats why it shouldn’t be made legal. Because that is less likely to happen.

Stranger 1: Yeah you have no proof but assumptions.

Stranger 1: As usual

Stranger 2: Are you claiming that advertising doesn’t work?

Stranger 1: Do you buy and or try EVERY single product that is advertised?

Stranger 2: Answer my question.

Stranger 1: I’m not saying it doesn’t work but you still have no proof that advertisements will increase consumption.

Stranger 2: Well is it beyond you to understand that advertising increases the likeliness the product will be bought?

Stranger 1: Is there scientific proof that supports your claim?

Stranger 1: And not the claim that advertising works.

Stranger 2: Its existence, if it didn’t work, the world wouldn’t be filled with adverts. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that out.

Stranger 1: Can you reword that please lol

Stranger 2: Okay

Stranger 1: nevermind

Stranger 2: Advertise anything and it’s a guarantee the awareness will increase and its more likely to sell.

Stranger 1: But does that guarantee that the product itself will be consumed more?

Stranger 1: Not necessarily.

Stranger 2: Smoking, exapmle.

Stranger 1: Okay, but there also anti-smoking ads.

Stranger 1: Don’t you think there would be some for weed?

Stranger 2: Okay how about this, Kronic the synthetic weed, is legal in my country, and it sells like cakes.

Stranger 2: It’s soon to be banned of that reason

Stranger 1: Is it regulated by the government?

Stranger 2: No, as its detrimental effects have only just come under scrutiny.

Stranger 2: But its basically just weed.

Stranger 2: If you legalized weed, its presence WOULD grow.

Stranger 1: So would anti-drug and anti-smoking awareness.

Stranger 2: Which is more common, legal smoking with its anti-smoking adds, or illegal cannabis?

Stranger 2: The legal one of course…

Stranger 1: Are you sure?

Stranger 2: So weed should remain illegal.

Stranger 1: So anti-weed ads (after it has been legalized) would increase the amount of smokers?

Stranger 1: I don’t get that

Stranger 2: I am no implying that at all.

Stranger 2: I don’t understand how you got that message.

Stranger 1: You said the number of tobacco smokers (with the anti-smoking adverts) is greater than the number of smokers of illegal marijuana

Stranger 2: Yes because it LEGAL

Stranger 1: so making it legal, and therefore starting anti-weed adverts would therefore make more users?

Stranger 2: no making it legal would increase its number of users ha ha ha.

Stranger 1: Based on what?

Stranger 2: thats what the question to discuss is about lol

Stranger 1: You have evidence to say that legality would create more users.

Stranger 1: *no evidence

Stranger 1: Pro-weed ads? Great. But there would also be Anti-weed ads and campaigns.

Stranger 2: You do not have evidence saying that it would do otherwise, however I make a more credible argument as I think as opposed to pick at statements and change the topic. There are anti drinking campaigns, has it worked? A little maybe but should weed be legalized its user wouldn’t drop below present still ilegal numbers thus its still a bad thing to do.

Stranger 1: You have no evidence whatsoever to back up your claims but petty assumptions. And when the argument doesn’t go your way, you sit there and whine and talk about how I’m going off topic or what have you. And on top of that, you continue to bring up points that we have already discussed and that I have already debunked, but you continue to insist that you have a point using mediocre logic at best.

Stranger 1: Fuck off.

Stranger 1 has disconnected

Amazingly long omegle conversation

You’re now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:
What’s something that makes you happy that others might find weird? (Doesn’t have to be a fetish.)

Stranger 1: being a lonely bastard

Stranger 2: self destruction..

Stranger 1: well they fall under the same umbrella sort of eh

Stranger 2: a little yeah

Stranger 1: why self destruction?

Stranger 2: because i hate myself

Stranger 1: well thats generally not too good

Stranger 1: i know the feeling though

Stranger 1: who are you then?

Stranger 2: yeah, it sucks. i’m julianna. you?

Stranger 1: im james

Stranger 2: nice to meet you

Stranger 2: well, “meet” you

Stranger 1: yeah sure

Stranger 1: so what is it about ‘julianna’ that your hate?

Stranger 2: everything, how i look, my personality, how i’m not like anyone else, i’m weird

Stranger 1: how old are you?

Stranger 2: 14 almost 15.

Stranger 1: huh funny

Stranger 1: i went through pretty much the exact same thing when i was that age

Stranger 1: shit with family and other problems just made me down, made me think i deserved all the shit coming at me

Stranger 1: but i’m older now, and am much happier

Stranger 1: just gotta wait out those years, things’ll get better

Stranger 2: exactly, with everything that’s happened to me, i feel like maybe i deserve it. maybe i should stop trying i don’t know

Stranger 1: nas

Stranger 1: na*

Stranger 1: just do good at school, try your best to prove all that bullshit wrong

Stranger 1: prove your better than it

Stranger 1: and that’ll get you the opportunity to move away, make your own life, and choose what parts of your past you keep

Stranger 2: but what if i can’t, maybe i’m not better than it; sorry for my pessimism

Stranger 2: yeah, but that day seems so far away

Stranger 1: i felt the same way

Stranger 1: your as good as you are, if you put your effort in, theres obviously only a certain level each person can achieve

Stranger 1: but thats no reason to just give up and be generally shit at life

Stranger 1: i’ve had enough shit in mylife to know that i’ve hard it tough, but there are people that have had it much worse

Stranger 1: and im happy that i’ve made the most of what i can with myselfr

Stranger 2: i understand that, i get that somewhere there are people who are dying without a choice. but that’s like telling someone who is completely happy with themselves that they shouldn’t be so sad because there’s someone else in the world that’s happier than them. i just don’t see the point in that

Stranger 2: i’m sad and i know that, i have so many mental problems and no one else seems to understand what i think. sure, i have my best friends. and theyre the reason i’m alive today. but sometimes it feels like they don’t give a single shit whether i fuck up my life or don’t, you know?

Stranger 1: thats not the point im making, other than dead africans and all that, people with equal opportunites as you also have it worse, but some have it better

Stranger 1: ok i understand that, and what if they dont care?

Stranger 1: fuck up your life to see if they care or not?

Stranger 1: no one is worth that

Stranger 1: the mindframe i always kept i mind that seemed sad but worked, is that everyone has their own problems, and they dont care about yours cos they’re too busy with their own

Stranger 1: everyone has problems, your not alone in that, whether yours seem unbearable, so do many other peoples, but all you can do is make the best out of what you have

Stranger 1: say ‘fuck you’ to anything that makes you upset and just try your best to do well at life to make the time you can be happily independent come sooner

Stranger 2: i’ve been trying to, it’s been at least a little better ever since i got out of the hospital. but it seems to be going downhill again

Stranger 2: and i don’t want it

Stranger 2: to

Stranger 1: hospital?

Stranger 2: for the second time in 4 months

Stranger 1: for what?

Stranger 2: i was suicidal

Stranger 1: huh

Stranger 1: may i ask why?

Stranger 2: i’m tired of the pain

Stranger 1: what pain?

Stranger 2: everyday pain, anxiety, depression, the voices in my head telling me to just give up already because no one cares, family problems, friend problems

Stranger 1: none of that is a reason to die

Stranger 1: if anything its reasons to live

Stranger 1: why on earth would you think that when things get you down, you should let them get the better of you and force you to finish your life?

Stranger 1: that pain should anger you

Stranger 1: make you frustrated

Stranger 1: and that frustration is a good thing

Stranger 1: it may feel bad but its good

Stranger 1: if its pointed in the right direction

Stranger 1: should use it to drive you

Stranger 2: it get’s to the point where the anger controls you. where you take the pills. then you realize how fucking stupid you are. because right then and there you’ve made you’re life worse. then you’re glad you did it. but you feel guilty, but you want to die.

Stranger 2: sorry i’m bad at explaining it.

Stranger 1: may i sk what it is specifically thats made you depressed?

Stranger 1: we’re anonymous so its never going anywhere

Stranger 1: but tell me exactly what issues there are

Stranger 2: mostly the childhood trauma. i was adopted. i got molested by my best friend when i was 6 or 7. my mom died when i was 11. so much shit has gotten worse but those are the main things

Stranger 1: oh right

Stranger 1: were you in adoption before or after your mums passing?

Stranger 2: i got adopted when i was a baby

Stranger 2: my adoptive mother by the way, is the one who died

Stranger 2: my biological mother is alive

Stranger 1: oh ok

Stranger 1: do you know your biological mum?

Stranger 2: yes

Stranger 1: im assuming theres some blae assigned there?

Stranger 2: some what?

Stranger 1: blame*

Stranger 2: i suppose

Stranger 1: are you open about that with your biomum?

Stranger 2: not really, she knows about it but not all this much

Stranger 1: well maybe you should let it out

Stranger 1: if you two have some formof relationship then i assume she knows theres someunderlying sngst there

Stranger 1: angst*

Stranger 1: especially if you’ve been in hospital, whether she want to hear it or not, its your right to communicate any resentment you have for the situation you’ve been put in

Stranger 2: i just don’t know if i feel comfortable talking to her about it, i spend time with her and her family but i just don’t know how to say it. she knows i was in the hospital and everything and i love her, but i don’t want to tell her how much i hate myself

Stranger 1: obviously you love her and all

Stranger 1: but iwouldnt be surprised if theres some underlying hate there

Stranger 1: is there? surely it’d be good to speak about that with her

Stranger 1: once its out it could help how you feel

Stranger 2: i don’t want her to feel bad about it though, thats a big thing with me. i do things to please other people, not necessarily to please myself

Stranger 1: well stop that

Stranger 1: your a person to,not a fucking slave to other peoples happiness

Stranger 2: i just want people to like me, i don’t know why i do it exactly

Stranger 1: sorry but alot of the feelings your expressing are relatable to when i was young and im only saying what i wish i could tell my younger self

Stranger 1: when it comes to making new friends, that trait will be helpful, with your biomum that let you be adopted and caused all that stuff to happen to you, you deserve to speak your mind

Stranger 2: yeah, i know. i’m just ugh i don’t really know anymore

Stranger 1: you will in time

Stranger 1: trust me, put your head to it and things get better

Stranger 2: everyone says that, time. it’s a funny thing really

Stranger 1: its not worth killing yourself now, at least for the fact that you wont see how things turn out

Stranger 1: its a fact see

Stranger 1: i didnt believe it at your age either

Stranger 1: and im not too much older than you

Stranger 2: i believe it, but the voices in my head aren’t convinced. they take over me sometimes. i try to control it, most of the time i do. it’s just difficult

Stranger 1: fuck them

Stranger 1: cant give anybetter advice than that

Stranger 1: fuck

Stranger 1: them

Stranger 2: it’s just hard to ignore them

Stranger 1: yeah but your better than that

Stranger 1: so just do it

Stranger 2: i’m trying my best

Stranger 1: stop trying

Stranger 1: the midframe is to just do it

Stranger 2: it’s not that simple sometimes

Stranger 1: it is

Stranger 1: the oly thing that makes it ot simpleis your own mind

Stranger 1: just ignore it

Stranger 2: maybe

Stranger 1: trust me it works

Stranger 1: the only damage i have these days is im a bit disconnected, and i dont speak to my family every week

Stranger 1: but im independent and i like that

Stranger 1: i have a good job

Stranger 1: i have a good life

Stranger 1: and its irrelevant of the shit my family put me through as a kid

Stranger 2: i hope i’m like that in the future

Stranger 1: well if you keep ending up i the hospital you wont be

Stranger 1: but thats entirely your choice

Stranger 1: you just gotta power through

Stranger 2: i am

Stranger 1: thats good

Stranger 1: you’ve gone through this entire conversation without asking who i am ha

Stranger 1: i could be some bullshitting fat 40 year old looking for textsex as far as you know ha

Stranger 1: im not btw

Stranger 2: i figured haha, but well it’s true you never know. who are you?

Stranger 1: im james, like i said

Stranger 1: james mctrusty, scottish ha

Stranger 2: hah that’s cool! i wish i was from somewhere else. i’m american

Stranger 1: ha thats cool

Stranger 1: have you heard of a man called sam mctrusty?

Stranger 1: i’m his cousin, thats pertty much the biggest claim to fame i have ha

Stranger 2: oh wow! i have no claim to fame what so ever hah

Stranger 1: ha it aint much

Stranger 1: you know of the band or..?

Stranger 1: calledtwin atlantic

Stranger 2: yeah, i’ve heard of it

Stranger 1: oh cool

Stranger 1: yeah, i helped write a few tracks from the ‘free’ album

Stranger 2: that’s so awesome!

Stranger 1: me and sam actually kinda came up with the foundation of ‘crashland’

Stranger 1: his vocals and everything,but i was messing around with a few chords and he just sang over it, and that was the song

Stranger 1: it just kinda happened

Stranger 2: that’s so awesome

Stranger 1: ’serious underground dance vibes’ also came from me playing around on my new loop pedal, he liked the sound i had and asked is he could use it

Stranger 1: we’re family so of course i’ve let him have them, not getting royalties or anything for it, but he gave me a fair selling price for the rights ha

Stranger 2: that’s really really cool haha

Stranger 1: meh

Stranger 1: be cooler if i were in the band ha

Stranger 1: bit of a shadowcast

Stranger 1: but i love my life anyway ha, much easier job that i find just as interesting

Stranger 2: haha, i wish i could make an impact on this world, maybe i will one day or another. i hope i do

Stranger 1: well its up to you to

Stranger 1: my relationship with sam isnt really my impact

Stranger 1: i havent really ade an ‘impact’

Stranger 1: but i love my job either way

Stranger 1: btw im a sound engineer, specialising in recording live gigs on location

Stranger 2: wow, that’s impressive. i want to be known, i don’t know why. i just want people to know me for something that i do, maybe i can change the world. probably not, but it’s a dream of mine

Stranger 1: thats everyones dream

Stranger 1: the key is to be realistic, and to be happy being known by the right people

Stranger 1: i get alot of scrutiny

Stranger 1: cos alot of people think i got to my point cos of sam pulling in favours

Stranger 1: but whenever he would pull in a favour i’d refuse to do that work

Stranger 1: and unintentionally, that gave me a kinda exclusive and prestigious reputation

Stranger 1: so one way or another i guess i owe my career to him

Stranger 1: but either way, im now known in the industry and get work, but im not exactly a household name

Stranger 1: you just gotta be realistic

Stranger 2: i’m not sure how i want to make a change, i don’t even know what i want to do when i get older. so i’mnot sure how i’m ever going to do t

Stranger 2: it

Stranger 1: no one ever does

Stranger 1: when i was in school, i specialised in science

Stranger 1: and my parents loved the fact i wasnt one of the ‘music wasters’ like the rest of the family

Stranger 1: but i always wanted to work in music, and got into engineering, despite what my parents did

Stranger 1: i had no chance of making it other than the effort i put in

Stranger 1: thats why i think you should literally just focus your efforts in any form of productive direction

Stranger 1: whether its what your interested in or not, it’ll help you out in the future

Stranger 1: at least it will help more than being in the hospital feeling sorry for yourself

Stranger 1: you should power through ay hardships, cos you’ll be better for it

Stranger 2: i’m trying very hard, i want to be known and i know basically everyone in this world wants that same thing. but i don’t know. maybe i won’t be known, maybe i will be for doing something dumb. hopefully it’s for something that will really make an impact. maybe it’ll make me happy. i don’t know

Stranger 1: chances are your gonna guide yourself into doing something that makes you happy

Stranger 1: just gotta be realistic

Stranger 1: i love rock music, and wanted to engineer rock music

Stranger 1: but last week i spent the week doing location recordings for quite a prestigious orchestra

Stranger 1: got paid a fucking bundle ha

Stranger 1: i know its not the best example, but compromises arent always the worst thing

Stranger 2: i just want to be happy

Stranger 1: it’ll happen

Stranger 1: with work though

Stranger 1: just dont dick out and kill yourself

Stranger 1: do you not realise how ridiculous that is?

Stranger 1: as much shit thats happened, just be happy your breathing for christs sake!

Stranger 2: i guess

Stranger 1: no i gues

Stranger 1: say yes

Stranger 1: your happy your alive

Stranger 1: you may bitch about issues

Stranger 1: and you may have every right to

Stranger 1: but that doesnt mean youdont have the right to be alive

Stranger 1: no one can take that away from you

Stranger 2: you’re right

Stranger 1: i know :)

Stranger 1: if i wasnt i wouldnt say it :P

Stranger 2: hahah :) thank you, a lot

Stranger 1: no worries

Stranger 1: but either way

Stranger 1: i have no way of eforcing this

Stranger 1: but promise me

Stranger 1: that any time you feel that way again,just remember that no one has the right to take your life

Stranger 1: or make you feel like you should

Stranger 1: because you do deserve to live and be happy

Stranger 1: and if you wait out these shitty years, you will be happy

Stranger 1: okay?

Stranger 2: alright, thank you so much. this really honestly means a lot to me.

Stranger 1: good to know

Stranger 1: my best friends brother hung himself last week

Stranger 1: i personally dont know the feeling that envokes

Stranger 1: but after seeing him since that, its just not good

Stranger 1: and as much as you may not realise, you do impact certain peoples lives, and people will care if you leave

Stranger 1: you wot be aroundto experience it,but people will be devastated if you did anything along those lines

Stranger 1: you just gotta shut that feeling out

Stranger 2: i understand. my best friend would do it to if i outed myself. and i couldn’t have him do that

Stranger 1: shut it out, its not you, its shitty weakness, acting like a virus trying to take advantage of you feeling upset

Stranger 1: block it out, or better yet,use it as reason to power through

Stranger 2: i’ll be strong, and i’m gonna make it through

Stranger 1: when i was younger my mother was raped by my great uncle, and the family didnt believe her when she spoke up about it

Stranger 1: i didnt find out til i was about 9 ad we touched my little sister

Stranger 1: i couldnt do anything at the time but i tried, i jumped on the cunt and bit him in the eye, made him lose the eye ha

Stranger 1: about 9 and he*

Stranger 1: she’s dead now

Stranger 2: oh wow, that’s really like, well intense i guess is a way to put it

Stranger 1: she killed herself

Stranger 1: my mum is on meds

Stranger 1: trying to stay happy

Stranger 1: well, trying to stay numb

Stranger 2: i know that exact feeling

Stranger 1: my brother works in a factory

Stranger 1: just doesnt speak to any of us

Stranger 1: but he never did for other reasons

Stranger 1: im now away from the family,personally cant ever forgive them for ignoring my mum all those years ago

Stranger 1: if they listened to her when she was raped, her wouldnt have caused my sister to die

Stranger 1: but i stay in touch with my mum

Stranger 1: and everyday i find myself thankful that as horrible as all this shit is, none of it happeedto me

Stranger 1: i’ve lost people, many of my family members are upset, but nothing happeed to me

Stranger 1: i was on the outskirts of devastation

Stranger 1: and i’ve used that to always be thakful

Stranger 1: and to always be happy with what my life is now

Stranger 1: btw this is on mymumsside, not my dads side (sam’s my dads side)

Stranger 2: ah, wow. i’m so sorry. but it’s amazing how much you’ve powered through, is the way to say that i guess. that’s, incredible

Stranger 1: its not incredible

Stranger 1: its the only way people manage in certain situations

Stranger 1: and im certain you can do the same

Stranger 1: just promise me you’ll remember what i saying when you feel down, yeah?

Stranger 2: thank you, i will. i promise

Stranger 1: good

Stranger 1: sorry for preaching but i fid this situation strange

Stranger 1: first time i’ve been on this site, a week after my best friends brother died

Stranger 1: and after having a couple of dick trolls saying shit to me, this is the first real conversation i get

Stranger 2: same here. well, not with the first part, but the second

Stranger 1: just remember, if your down, power through it,andifyou cant,the smiths are always a good remedy ha

Stranger 2: it’s funny you say that, i absolutely love them!

Stranger 1: ha they are boss

Stranger 2: agreed

Stranger 1: listening to the ‘meat is murder’ album now

Stranger 2: haha :) well, thank you, a lot. you really did help. and i won’t forget this

Stranger 1: your welcome

Stranger 1: the only satisfaction im gonna get though is in hoping that you remember this whe your feeling down

Stranger 2: i will, i really really will

Stranger 1: well then i should thank you for allowing me to help :)

Stranger 1: its weird finding soeone that isnt a massive dick on this site

Stranger 2: it really is, it seems like people only come on this site when they’re horny hah

Stranger 1: if im 100% honest i expected the odd ‘JK your a cunt’ message mid conversation before disconnecting seeing how many trolls there are on this

Stranger 1: na i found the opposite

Stranger 1: horny on cam modes, yeah

Stranger 1: on here though, just people being massive dicks

Stranger 2: true, very true

Stranger 1: and the odd ‘add me on kik if ur horny init lvyu bb’

Stranger 1: like, the fuck

Stranger 2: right? haha

Stranger 1: when i read that i was like ‘…wut?’

Stranger 1: then felt like a dick cos the stranger disconnected

Stranger 1: the main question seems to give people a first impression of the other stranger, that is usually completely inaccurate ha

Stranger 2: hahaha, most people on this site troll, then you find the occasional person who is really nice. honestly i expected you to just disconnect sometime during the conversation, or saying “just grow the fuck up”

Stranger 2: but you didn’t and thank you for that

Stranger 1: ha no worries

Stranger 1: we’re just a few of the actual human beings on here

Stranger 1: plus what you described yourself as going through really related to e

Stranger 1: oh btw,jeff buckley’s cover of aq smiths song

Stranger 1: fucking awesome

Stranger 1:

Stranger 2: ah oh my god yes

Stranger 1: i used to use this kind of music to feed my depression

Stranger 1: but like i’ve said too many times already, you just gotta forward that power in the right direction

Stranger 2: in a way that’s what i do, but lately i’ve been trying to listen to more of the happier songs just so i won’t feel as down

Stranger 1: fair enough

Stranger 1: i love quite a few genres of music

Stranger 1: mainly cos it comes with the work, but i dont ignore this kind incase it makes me down

Stranger 1: i use that power cos it makes me think about certain things

Stranger 2: i love rock, and just alternative music in general.

Stranger 1: and then i know what things make me sensitive and i need to ‘sort out’

Stranger 2: exactly

Stranger 1: ah cool

Stranger 1: favourite bands?

Stranger 2: there’s too many haha

Stranger 1: ha i know that feeling

Stranger 2: the smiths for sure, the beatles obviously

Stranger 1: yes

Stranger 2: there just too many to name

Stranger 1: anything more modern?

Stranger 1: naming the classics seems to obvious :P

Stranger 2: haha, well i love the classics! everything now a days seems, i don’t know more fake i guess. everything now is about nicki minaj and taylor swift, and honestly i don’t care much for “mainstream” things

Stranger 1: i said more modern, not more mainstream :)

Stranger 2: heard of ed sheeran?

Stranger 1: yes

Stranger 1: very mainstream in the uk :P

Stranger 2: true, same in america haha, but i’ve loved him since when he first started

Stranger 2: i like the imagine dragons as well

Stranger 2: snow patrol, and of course coldplay hah

Stranger 2: daughter

Stranger 2: the lumineers

Stranger 1: heard of don broco?

Stranger 2: yes i have

Stranger 1: theyre good party music

Stranger 2: i haven’t listened to them all that much, just a couple of songs. but from what i’ve heard they’re pretty good

Stranger 1: fair

Stranger 1: listeeing to 30 seconds to mars ow

Stranger 2: nice

Stranger 1: oh i did sound for this guy

Stranger 1: was a small london gig

Stranger 1: but was sellout, turns out he has a big following

Stranger 1: called keaton henson, was fucking brilliant

Stranger 1: heard of him? definitely worth checkig

Stranger 1: was very sad music but was amazing

Stranger 2: no i haven’t, but i’ll check him out right now

Stranger 1: do it

Stranger 1: its very very emo ha

Stranger 1: but i loved it

Stranger 2: i kinda like that kind of music a bit haha xD

Stranger 2: i’ll go check him out

Stranger 1: its acoutsic

Stranger 1: or single electric guitar

Stranger 2: ooooh

Stranger 1: what track you checking out?

Stranger 2: i’m not sure xD which one should i?

Stranger 1: im listening to ‘you dont know how lucky you are’ atm

Stranger 1: but i suggest

Stranger 2: i’ll go look at that right now

Stranger 1: ’to your health’

Stranger 1: listen to ‘to your health’ first

Stranger 2: okay

Stranger 2: wow, they’re very good

Stranger 1: he*

Stranger 1: ha but yeah its amazing

Stranger 1: first song i heard by him was ‘charon’, that was the reference i was given before doing work with hi

Stranger 1: i loved it and showed it to a few mates and got laughed at cos it was ‘weird’

Stranger 2: wow. then he’s so amazing

Stranger 1: its quite haunting

Stranger 2: yes

Stranger 1: ’party song’is the most haunting track

Stranger 1: the name is completely isguiding

Stranger 1: misguiding*

Stranger 2: i’ll listen to it

Stranger 1: its a certain kinda tast to enjoy this music i think

Stranger 2: i think it’s great

Stranger 1: i agree

Stranger 2: i’m kind of in love with his music now

Stranger 1: ha

Stranger 1: i thought you’d like it

Stranger 1: what have you heard so far?

Stranger 2: to your health, party song and charon, all the ones you’ve told me about hah

Stranger 1: ha ah right

Stranger 1: carry on, its all a downer ha

Stranger 1: but its all equally beautiful

Stranger 2: it really is

Stranger 1: the track lying to you seems like y tack of the night

Stranger 1: my track of the night*

Stranger 2: i’ll listen to that as well

Stranger 1: im not one to be all ‘OMFG this is mysong!’ but the lyrics are just very relatable tonight

Stranger 2: i love when i find songs like that

Stranger 1: the girls from the ‘lying to you’ video has a gliterry looking used tampon thing on her jacket

Stranger 1: i dunno wtf thats about ha

Stranger 1: but that aside, i love the song

Stranger 2: hahaha

Stranger 1: plus i broke up with my gf tonight and this is kinda relatable ha

Stranger 2: aw:( i’m sorry

Stranger 1: ha hence the ‘being a lonely bastard’ line this conversation started with

Stranger 2: oh wow haha

Stranger 1: ha yeah

Stranger 1: proof im not full of shit ha

Stranger 2: i don’t realy know the feeling, since i’ve never had a boyfriend or anyone ever liking me but, i get it

Stranger 1: oh right fair

Stranger 1: its a bit strange for me with that song

Stranger 1: you heard it yet?

Stranger 2: not yet, i’m kinda about to pass out i’m super tired hah

Stranger 1: ha fair

Stranger 1: well the lyrics are about not being in love and being devastated that things havent worked out because of how you cat force love

Stranger 1: and then at the end when it questions why, the lyrics respond with ‘because i found her but now she is gone’

Stranger 1: and thats kinda very relatable to me cos i’ve only been in love once, and things ended horrifically between us,and i guess im not entirely over it

Stranger 2: i’m so sorry. i’m in love right now, with my best friend who could never in a million years love me back. so i understand kinda

Stranger 1: yeah thats kinda the same

Stranger 1: with me, i had her, we had an on and off again relationship, best friends and lovers, either or kinda thing

Stranger 1: then when we were just best friends, we were about to start going out again (i was 16 and she was 15 btw) her cousin killed himself

Stranger 2: oh wow, i’m so so sorry

Stranger 1: well, wasnt my loss

Stranger 1: so i made an effort to just be her friend

Stranger 1: and said lets just be friends, im just a phone call away, i didnt wanna pressure her into a relationship in that kinda fragile state

Stranger 1: she ended up going on a night out with a load of my mates, and they all wanted her to pull one of them

Stranger 1: so they all made up the story that i said i was ‘annoyed she was so depressed cos i thought itd be easy to get on her seeing how vulnerable she was’

Stranger 1: so she hated me

Stranger 1: and we havent spoken since

Stranger 1: and she ended up with that guy

Stranger 2: wow, that’s horrible

Stranger 1: yeah

Stranger 1: and im not entirely over it

Stranger 1: and i’ve been with girls since, but nothings compared to that relationship

Stranger 1: she’s the only girl i’ve ever loved

Stranger 2: i can understand that

Stranger 1: but its a lesson learned

Stranger 2: that’s a good way to think about it

Stranger 1: thats the main reason why ima very disconnected person

Stranger 1: i’ve only had one main girlfriend since then

Stranger 1: and she cheated all over the place

Stranger 1: and i cant really blame her, i tried to show affection but i was kinda hollow at that time

Stranger 2: :( i’m sorry

Stranger 1: well

Stranger 1: like i said

Stranger 1: im generally happy these days

Stranger 1: they’re all lessons to learn

Stranger 1: and i have alot of life ahead to be happy

Stranger 1: so why use the past as an excuse to be upset

Stranger 1: tonight im upset for the girl i’ve recently been with, and i guess im still a little hollow, and things ended cos she thought i didnt care

Stranger 1: which is entirely myfault again

Stranger 2: that’s a really good way to think about it, to not let the past affect you

Stranger 1: although it has affected me in the way im now single due to being scared of thinking this new girl meant something new and moving on

Stranger 1: ha sorry i should mention i’ve had a few drinks since the start of our conversation

Stranger 1: a bit upset about all this really

Stranger 2: it’s fine, i can understand that

Stranger 1: but if im honest, it just adds to a better point, being upset is ok, eventually i gonna be ok about this and im gonna learn from it and hopefully meet a girl i can be completely in love with

Stranger 1: but being upset in the moment is ok, which is what i am

Stranger 1: obviously with you your problems are quite greater, but the principle is the same

Stranger 2: exactly

Stranger 1: you will learn and you will be a stronger person after everything

Stranger 1: no reason to quit now,right

Stranger 2: i won’t

Stranger 1: that said i am listening to this right now ha

Stranger 1:

Stranger 2: hah

Stranger 1: such a breakup track ha

Stranger 2: true

Stranger 2: sorry if i sound a bit unenthusiastic, i’m quite exhausted

Stranger 1: me too

Stranger 1: its 5am here

Stranger 2: it’s 12:20

Stranger 2: am

Stranger 2: here

Stranger 2: not that bad, but i’ve been staying up late often

Stranger 1: same

Stranger 1: this is roughly bedtime for me

Stranger 1: brb

Stranger 2: ok

Stranger 1: dont dc,i enjoy speaking to another human ha

Stranger 2: i won’t haha

Stranger 1: and im back

Stranger 2: sorry i was getting foo

Stranger 2: food*

Stranger 1: anyway lets fuck this down mood ha

Stranger 1: what else is there about you?

Stranger 2: hm, well i don’t know. what would you like to know?

Stranger 1: well surely theres some details that are prominent about your life?

Stranger 1: what are you doing at the moment of your life?

Stranger 2: well i’m eating haha

Stranger 1: ha i meant generally

Stranger 2: well i’m just in school, i’m in 9th grade. hmm i don’t know what else! my life is pretty boring

Stranger 1: ha fair

Stranger 1: btw i think im about to dc from you, my internets being a dick

Stranger 2: yeah haha, oh

Stranger 1: yeah hopefully no time soon ha

Stranger 1: you heard of a band called funeral for a friend?

Stranger 2: no i haven’t

Stranger 1: ha they’re welsh

Stranger 1: my mums side of my family is welsh btw

Stranger 1: they’re awesome

Stranger 1:

Stranger 2: that’s awesome! i’ll listen to them

Stranger 1: the tracks ‘streetcar’ and ‘roses for the dead’ are awesome

Stranger 2: i’ll check them out

Stranger 1: what you think?

Stranger 2: they’re awesome

Stranger 1: i know right!

Stranger 1: listen to the track ‘sixteen’, thats more modern

Stranger 2: ahh

Stranger 2: nice

Stranger 1: they’re my alltime favourite band

Stranger 1: when i was aroundyour age i listened to them non stop

Stranger 2: they’re great

Stranger 1: i love them

Stranger 2: hah, ugh i’m exhausted

Stranger 1: me toooo

Stranger 2: i’m falling asleep haha

Stranger 1: ha me too

Stranger 1: i think im gonna leave this now

Stranger 2: yeah, i’m about to pass out

Stranger 1: i’ve enjoyed our conversation though

Stranger 2: same here, i will honestly never forget it

Stranger 1: i hope i’ve helped

Stranger 2: you really have, thank you so so much

Stranger 1: and i hope you keep your promise to me

Stranger 2: i promise i will

Stranger 1: i’ll never know if if you or not,but i’ll like to think you will :P

Stranger 2: you can think that i will, hah i really will :)

Stranger 1: awesome

Stranger 1: ok imgonna say goodnight before i pass out

Stranger 2: goodnight to you as well

Stranger 1: nice talkingto you ‘julianna’

Stranger 2: nice talking to you too james

Stranger 1: as may family says, ‘nos da’ x

Stranger 2: haha :) goodbye

Stranger 1: ha nos da x

Stranger 2 has disconnected





To everyone else, it’s the Hub.
To Bronies, it’s The Pony Channel.

This might sound crazy, but how awesome would it be if there really was a pony (MLP:FiM) channel?
Like, several MLP:FiM episodes throughout the day, some fan-made (TV-friendly) animations in between, brony music during commercial breaks, and segments featuring/interviewing some standout brony musicians and artists.
Just… what if…

And late night would be like the .movs and stuff. 


I’m liking this idea. A lot.





To everyone else, it’s the Hub.

To Bronies, it’s The Pony Channel.

This might sound crazy, but how awesome would it be if there really was a pony (MLP:FiM) channel?

Like, several MLP:FiM episodes throughout the day, some fan-made (TV-friendly) animations in between, brony music during commercial breaks, and segments featuring/interviewing some standout brony musicians and artists.

Just… what if…

And late night would be like the .movs and stuff. 


I’m liking this idea. A lot.

I sent this to my mom :3

I sent this to my mom :3

Whoa. I don’t normally like makeup, but this is cool.

Whoa. I don’t normally like makeup, but this is cool.


Screw it, may as well just post all the Mane 6 spheres. So there. And Luna for good measure.